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Molded Grating
Product Description:

【Corrosion resistant to many chemical media, never rust, long life cycle, maintenance-free】

  Molded fiberglass grating is a non-metallic material, which is different from traditional metal grille, the role of media in the chemical does not occur under the electrochemical corrosion and rust, will not make the structure of the material is damaged, do not regular or irregular inspection, maintenance. Unlike wood and other materials also will corrode, mildew phenomenon, is a traditional iron, wood, cement and other materials, upgrade products.

【Flame retardant to meet the engineering requirements for fire protection】

【Impact resistance, insulation, non-magnetic】

【Light weight, high strength, and easy to cut, install】

  The molded fiberglass grating grid made ​​of resin and glass fiber composite, its density is smaller, only a quarter of iron, aluminum two-thirds, but its relative strength but higher than the metal. Its light weight, can greatly reduce the base support, thereby reducing the material cost of the project. Appearance and easy maintenance, the color can be choose, can customize the colors according to customer requirements, improve the workplace environment production

【Can be designed and strong, flexible size】

【Has a better overall economic】

  Company can customize products according to customer requirements, such as different pore cell size, different dimensions, different load requirements. Can best meet customer requirements, and can cause loss to a minimum cut, so cost savings for customers.